Steps to follow for setting up the card

1. You need a UNO Green Card.

For NFC integrated phone

1. Tap the card on the back camera of your phone
2. A blank form will appear.
3. Please Fill proper Email address & Password (If possible note down), this will help to change the details of your profile in future
4. Start filling the remaining form with your correct information, as it will appear while you share your details

For Non-NFC integrated phone

1. Instead of taping the card, you can scan the QR code on the card
2. After scaning the QR code, you just need to follow the steps no. 3, 4 and 5.

To edit details

1. To edit / change / update your details you just need to visit  
2. Please log in with your email and password which you had created while entering your profile details.
3. After loging in, you can see the same form which you filled while setting up your card.
4. Please update the form. and press save.
5. Once the details are saved, your updated profile will be displayed.

Forgot password.

1. If you have forgotten your password no need to stress.
2. Just visit and click on forgot password
3. After then please enter your email address, which you have entered while signinup the form and click login.
4. You will recive an email, please follow those instruction and you can change your password.