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What is Uno Green Card?

It is an NFC-enabled card which allows you to share your contact information with just a TAP!

A smart business card which is introduced keeping our environment in mind. For every card that we sell, we plant a sapling with the help of SankalpTaru Foundation. This is our initiative towards making Mother Earth greener. Avoiding the usage of paper business cards and switching to Uno Green Cards – is not only an eco-friendly option as it saves so many trees due to avoidance of using paper but also an economically viable option for all.


Years of


in the team

Why should you get one?

Well, the real question would be, ‘Is there a reason to not get one?’.

It’s so simple to use, that you’ll wonder why you ever went through the hassle of paper cards. It’s great for the environment and forgetful minds (who always forget where they kept that important business card).

It saves you time, which is pretty precious.

Need more reasons?

How It Works? Quiet Simple

integrated Phones.

Android : Go to Settings > Search for “NFC” > Enable NFC.
IOS : No need to do anything.

For Non-NFC
integrated phones.

Android : Open Camera and scan the QR code 
OR Scan QR code from Google lens.
IOS: Open Camera. Thats IT!
Plant a Sapling
our company will contribute
towards planting a sapling
for every card sold, with the help of
the SankalpTaru foundation.
If you have any questions
feel free to call